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PHOTO: Eve Carson

Eve Marie Carson Memorial Fund

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in consultation with the Carson family, has established the Eve Marie Carson Memorial Junior-Year Merit Scholarship in memory of Eve Carson, our student body president, trustee, wonderful person and great friend.  The purpose of the fund is to celebrate and remember Eve’s love for the University and its students. This one-year merit scholarship was envisioned by Eve as a way to recognize individuals who began to realize their potential as leaders while attending Carolina. Students will apply for the scholarship during their junior year, with the monetary award being applied to their senior year as well as to a summer program between their junior and senior year. The first award will go to a student who will be a junior in spring 2009.

Eve worked diligently with her colleagues in student government to define the attributes of the student who would receive the award. Carson Scholars must demonstrate a high level of academic performance and a strong involvement in a leadership role on campus during the first three years of their undergraduate career, showing:

For those wishing to make an online gift, please visit, choose one of the giving options, select “Scholarships and Student Aid” under University Designation, and select “Eve Marie Carson Memorial Junior-Year Merit Scholarship” under University Fund.

For those wishing to mail a check, please make the check payable to UNC-Chapel Hill, write Eve Marie Carson Memorial Junior-Year Scholarship in notation line, and send the gift to Carolina, P.O. Box 309, Chapel Hill, NC  27514-0309.

For information, please contact Rebecca Bramlett, Interim Director of Annual Fund, telephone: (919) 843-3317, email:

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