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PHOTO: Eve Carson

Eve Marie Carson Remembrance

Dear Carolina community:

On Thursday March 5, at 4:00 pm we will come together in the Pit to mark the first anniversary of Eve Carson's death and to celebrate her memory. In life Eve touched people in many ways through her studies, extracurricular activities and student government service. This will be true of her legacy too. In the past year, people have launched a variety of projects inspired by Eve's dedication to helping others. The Eve Marie Carson Scholarship Fund has already named its first recipient, for example, and plans are underway for a garden next to the Campus Y.

This ceremony gives us a chance to remember and celebrate Eve together after a difficult year. It also is a time to remember others we have lost, to celebrate our common purpose and to recognize that we have an obligation as a community to look out for each other.

In this same Carolina spirit, the student organizers of Service North Carolina are asking us to think about service to others during the month of March. This is not necessarily a new project but a way to think about service in our daily activities. Maybe you can volunteer for a few hours, but you can also serve by showing a small kindness to someone - opening a door, sharing a smile or an encouraging word. You can find out more at Service North Carolina.

I hope that you will join us at this short ceremony on Thursday, and that you will carry this spirit of service with you into the rest of the month.

Hark the sound.

Holden Thorp, Chancellor