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Bain Final Report – video

Please download the Adobe Flash player to watch this video. Or use the link below to download a PDF of the presentation.

Chancellor Holden Thorp narrates the final report from Bain & Company, the global consulting firm that has been helping the University look for ways to streamline operations and be more effective. The chancellor outlines a series of potential strategies and discusses how the University will assess those proposals and determine plans for implementation.

[Printable PDF highlights of the Bain report] 14 pages (Scroll to read Chancellor Thorp's commentary and the report slides)
[Printable PDF of the full Bain report] 107 pages
[Opinion-Editorial from the Chancellor]
[Message from the Chancellor]

View the Interim Bain Report (April 2009)

Carolina Counts

Carolina Counts was initiated by Chancellor Holden Thorp to carry out the key recommendations made in 2009 by the Bain & Co. business consulting firm and funded by the UNC-Chapel Hill Foundation. After taking a hard look at the campus operating structure, processes, staffing and expenses, the firm offered high-level ideas about how to make Carolina’s complex organization more efficient.

It plays a key role in the University’s budget strategy by serving as a resource to help make wise, informed decisions that lead to administrative cost efficiencies.

Since January 2010, Carolina Counts has engaged the units, schools and departments to delve into options for cost savings in the 10 areas identified in the consultant’s report. Working with campus leaders, Carolina Counts has explored and identified operational improvement initiatives and ways they could be implemented. As of January 2013, 111 of 165 initiatives have been completed, resulting in more than $54 million in reduced recurring annual state costs.